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About Hiddenbed™

Hiddenbed™ was developed in 2003, in Uruguay by Juan Carlos Monestier, a mechanical engineer who desperately wanted a solution for his space problems when his son returned after graduation to live in their modestly sized family home. The invention was an instant local success, was internationally patented and first shown in the USA on the Oprah Show. In the following years licences were granted to a number of countries, including the USA, Japan and Canada.

Hiddenbed™ has distributors all around the world, such as: UK, France, Spain, Scotland,Malta, Belgium,Turkey, Israel, India, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Uruguay, from which USA, UK, Japan and Singapore are successfully introduced Hiddenbed™ to the campus and much more school buildings were used, so that the amount of campus living can be improved.

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